Whitepaper v2


Lazy Superheroes x LazyVerse


Lazy Superheroes is first of all made of characters, a narrative arc, developing via several mediums, including NFTs. Lazy Superheroes NFT are part of this art project and embed utility on the one hand, and gameplay elements on the other hand, sometimes intertwining.
All of this is tending to build an inclusive and consistent metaverse called "LazyVerse".


We have currently three focus: Collections, Utility and Games.


Working on Gen 1, Gen 2, next gens, but also collaborations and strategic partnerships.
But not only! Goal is also to develop the Story Arc with Comic Books and to cultivate the personalities of our characters.


Our NFTs come with certain utility for the holders, and we are keen to develop furthermore this with the community.

Games and Experiences

Games and NFT are an exciting combination of opportunities for Web 3. We are keen to develop this part.


  • Gen 1 Launching
  • Launching of our Auction App for Hedera NFTs
  • Gen 2 Design process (from art to pricing)
  • Starting development of Lazy Farms
  • Starting work on the first issue for Comic Books
  • Whitepaper v2
  • New website launch
  • Merch store
  • Starting development of our Lair App
  • Test version of Lazy Farms
  • Gen 2 Launching
  • Starting development of a Rarity App for Hedera NFTs
  • Test version of our Rarity App for Hedera NFTs
  • Launching our Rarity Discord Bot for Hedera NFTs
  • Set of scripts and code pieces for interact with Hedera, by Deejay from the Team
  • Launching prod version of our Lazy dApp (formerly Lair App)
  • Releasing our free Colorbook
  • Hash Horses Racer Discord Mini Game initial release
  • Lazy Super Minter (minter solution smart contract based for Hedera NFTs)
  • Releasing first issue of Comic Books as NFT
  • Releasing first issue of Comic Books in Bookstores
  • Prod version of Lazy Farms
  • Starting development of Lazy Token
  • Starting development of Staking solution
  • Starting writing of second Comic Books
  • Launching Lazy Token
  • Initial Airdrop of Lazy Token
  • Launching Staking solution in the Lazy dApp
  • Airdrop of The Mobsters free collection
  • Serum - Gen 1
  • Adding Boosters for Lazy Farms
  • Adding Boosts and multiplier mechanics to Staking

Additional Milestones

These are milestones which were not foreseen in the white paper v2 but which we add to the project in accordance with the vision.
  • Lazy dApp v3: a revamped app, more and more decentralization, relying on Hedera
  • Lazy Farms v2: new mission smart contract
  • Lazy Farms: dutch auction entry fees
  • Lazy Farms, 2nd step towards Gamification: completion badges / levels / paths to unlock
  • Burn to Earn Hash Horses: send Hash Horses NFTs to a Smart Contract that will burn them and send you back $LAZY depending on the rank of your Hash Horse.
  • Swap NFTs: a smart contract to swap tokens id for new ones
  • Token Graveyard 2.0: send NFTs to the cemetery for $LAZY
  • Private shop creation (for Lazy Token)
    • Private shop addings
  • Starting the work on the first P2E Game x Hashgraph Cards (trading card game)
  • Revoke Allowances: a tool to track and revoke crypto/tokens/NFT allowances on Hedera
  • LAZY dashboard: follow $LAZY circulating supply, burn rate, holders and usage with a transparent dashboard
These milestones don't include information about giveaways, airdrops, collabs and other minor additions to the ecosystem.
These milestones may change, and are subject to technical feasibility on the network.
All Lazy Superheroes and derivative NFTs are digital art only and should be valued on that basis alone. Any benefits or ‘utility’ are not guaranteed and do not constitute guarantees of income or an economic investment. Buyers and holders should declare any rewards/airdrops as required by their legal jurisdiction and are encouraged to engage with their tax specialist in regard to their country’s specific requirements.

The Map

A map with guesses and surprises
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