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Hash Horses

Collection Detail

Token ID: 0.0.805923

What is a Hash Horse?

A cool tradeable unique NFT
9,000 unique Hash Horses, some very rare, some ultra rare. All cool.
A digital identity to use as your new you on social medias, Discord, and so on. Horses are the new You.
Official collection token id: 0.0.805923


  • Hash Horses are your cooler digital identity ;
  • Hash Horses are entries to giveaways: NFT HBAR Giveaways for the holders!
  • Hash Horses are deflationary and will get you Lazy Token:
    • Ultra Rares (UR) Hash Horses will be compatible with Staking
    • Regular Hash Horses are burnable for $LAZY: burn to earn. The amount of $LAZY to get with a Hash Horse sacrifice depends on the rarity of the Hash Horse burned.