Whitepaper v2

Gen 1

A collection of 100 unique Lazy Superheroes minted as non-fungible token on Hedera with the most exclusive perks possible in the Lazy Verse.
31 original characters, with their own background story and position in the Lazy Story Arc.


Mint took place in 2021 for 2,000 ℏ each.
Lazy Superheroes Gen 1 Logo


Official Token ID: 0.0.768753
Royalties/Creator fee: 15%(2,000 fallback fee)
Beware, many scammers in crypto could try to resell you a reminted/fake NFTs. Double-check official tokens ids before to proceed. Also, beware of the royalties, which are fees subtracted when you resell an NFT.


  • 50% of sales on all future generations, splitted between the 100 NFT's holders ;
  • sales % on some collaboration pieces ;
  • some royalties % shared ;
  • vote rights to help determine the future of the project ;
  • airdrops: NFT for free ;
  • monthly NFT giveaway only for gen 1 holders ;
  • monthly NFT giveaway only for gen 1 and gen 2 LSV holders ;
  • monthly NFT giveaway for gen 1 and gen 2 holders ;
  • early access to partner's collections and special offers ;
  • whitelist slots giveaways ;
  • access to Lazy Farms and Staking for $LAZY ;
  • access to utilities made available for $LAZY ;
  • access to a private Alphas channel on Discord ;
  • access to a private Coding corner with coding resources for Hedera on Discord ;
  • access to a special role and private group on Discord.
This list is not exhaustive and not guaranteed. Rewards have to be claimed by holders and are not distributed automatically. All Lazy Superheroes and derivative NFTs are digital art only and should be valued on that basis alone. Any benefits or ‘utility’ are not guaranteed and do not constitute guarantees of income or an economic investment nor represent a share in a company or collection. Buyers and holders should declare any rewards/airdrops as required by their legal jurisdiction and are encouraged to engage with their tax specialist in regard to their country’s specific requirements.
All rewards have to be claimed by the users.