Whitepaper v2

Alphas and Coding Corner


​Gen 1, Gen 2, Hash Horses, Meerkats Gang, Lazy Super Dogs, Jester Art Serie NFT holders got an access to a Alpha private channel in our Discord server.
Alpha are information that you are able to acquire in order to act ahead of the majority of people. Can be to educate yourself on a subject, or to get premiere insights. Can be related to NFT, crypto or market in general. This information gives you a kind of advantage in such a way that you could profit from them.
While these informations may be interesting for users to have a better view on a matter, Alpha are not financial advices, users should do their own researches each time, and base their decisions on their own analysis too.

Coding Corner

Our Gen 1 and Gen 2 holders got an access to a Coding Corner private channel in our Discord server.
The Coding Corner is a place where our holders can educate themselves on scripting and coding. Especially to take advantage on the Hedera network capabilities.
Special Thanks to Deejay for the amazing work on the Coding Corner and Alpha.