Whitepaper v2

Lazy dApps and Solutions

We created a wide range of solutions for our holders and also provide open source codes for developers and creators willing to start/run their project on Hedera.

Lazy Super Minter 🔨

A smart contract based solution allowing creators to launch their NFT project on Hedera.
​Lazy Super Minter​

Lazy dApp

Our Lazy dApp is the Lazy Superheroes Lair.
​Lazy Farms​

HTS Discord Bot 🤖

A token gating and rarity bot for Discord featuring Hedera NFTs projects. Provided for free for creators and users.
​HTS Bot​

Hedera Scripts

A set of scripts to interact with Hedera network, by Deejay ​

Lazy Palace ⚡

An off-chain auction website provided for free for creators and collectors willing to auction NFTs (on application).