Whitepaper v2

Lazy Token

$LAZY is the Utility Token that fuels the Lazy Verse ecosystem.
$LAZY Token ID is: 0.0.1311037 (check on HashScan)
$LAZY is NOT an investment and has NONE economic value. $LAZY assets are not financial investments — these are utility tokens strictly to be used only within the ecosystem. We do not condone investing, speculating or actively trading $LAZY. 1 $LAZY = 1 $LAZY.
$LAZY Utility Token is used by users to interact with the Lazy Superheroes apps / experiences and to collect, trade various in-game assets / NFT.
Visual representation of a $LAZY token


Max Supply
Beside initial supply in circulation, new $LAZY could be only issued from the Smart Contract Treasury (SCT) through Staking. Various mechanics will be designed for the utility of $LAZY and to ensure tokenomics and burning of $LAZY on a regular ongoing basis. The creation/destruction of $LAZY tokens is ultimately driven by ecosystem usage. Staking generates $LAZY ; usage burns $LAZY.
$LAZY are partially burnt at each use 💸🔥 making $LAZY a deflationary utility token.


None. Since $LAZY is a utility token, there are no preallocated $LAZY to anyone.

$LAZY Issuance

The only source of emission of $LAZY is the Smart Contract Treasury (SCT) towards the Lazy Staking Smart contract. $LAZY are passively generated by staking Lazy Superheroes NFT.
$LAZY tokenomics revealed
This article posted on our blog prior to $LAZY launch is a good recap of the logic behind the smart contract implementation of $LAZY and its tokenomics


Each 50M $LAZY in circulation, there will be a Halving event for Staking rewards.


Current utility plans include, but are not limited to:
Buy exclusive NFTs
Order custom NFTs
Get a Serum - Gen 1
Pay Lazy Farms entry fees
Boost Lazy Farms lockup period
Play games/Buying game assets
Access to co-writing sessions of the Lazy Superheroes stories
Access to mentorships sessions


Lazy Superheroes and the team do not provide liquidity for $LAZY and have no plans to do so.
However, like most of projects with utility tokens, community members and active users often provide liquidity on decentralized exchanges at their own initiatives. These initiatives are neither related to Lazy Superheroes nor endorsed by the team in any way.


$LAZY Icon

Smart Contract Treasury (SCT)

$LAZY is managed by a Smart Contract acting as the treasury account.
The Smart Contract Treasury acts following its rules and requires Team to multi-sig to authorize a transaction.
Lazy Smart Contract Treasury Contract ID: 0.0.1311003 (check on HashScan)


None of this is a financial advice, $LAZY is a token that only has a limited use within the lazy superheroes ecosystem and has no intrinsic economic value. $LAZY is an utility token with no use outisde Lazy Superheroes ecosystem and provided utility, with no economic value, and no rights/shares attached to it. It should never be viewed as an investment or currency. Users may have to declare rewards for taxes purposes even if it's an utility token, depending on the laws of your country.
Users should contact their professional financial advisor / tax specialist to audit their reporting requirements and potential tax liabilities. Consult a tax-specialist if you have any doubt.
This system is currently in Development and all the points above are not Live yet.