Whitepaper v2


Babaw 🐯

NFT enthusiast and Main founder. Founded the very first NFT-friendly wallet on Hedera, Xact, created also Hashgraph Cards and Hash Horses collections.

Maximilien 🤖

Working on giveaways / airdrops and partnerships, also an entrepreneur working on SaaS products.


Hedera enthusiast, supporter of the ecosystem at large and the NFT scene specifically. LSH owner and part-time consigliere to Baptiste stepping out into the light to bring his (often rusty) dev skills and his (learnt on the job) economic training to bear in making LSH everything it can be.

But also...

Many thanks to current and past moderators, social media managers, artists and partners working with us: Neo, Vcente, Danbino, r3n_ly, Sofakinglayz, Fresh, Ordinary_Guy,...
And to all creators supporting our journey!