Gen 2.5 (Art Upgrade)

On August 2023, a complete Art Upgrade was announced for Gen 2 heroes NFTs. This upgrade has been decided to provide even more value (by the art) to our holders, but also to better align with our lore for Gen 2 (time-travel).

Also, a 6th character will be introduced and mintable with Lazy Token. This character will be designed by the community after the public mint for other heroes.

Original announcement

1️⃣ Free Swap Art Upgrade: All holders will benefit from a free swap to the upgraded NFT version. No fee to get the upgraded version!

2️⃣ Introducing a 6th Hero: shaped by our holders. The introduction of our 6th character base means more possibilities! You'll help us define his nature, characteristics, and everything that makes this new hero unique.

3️⃣ Exclusive Minting with $LAZY Tokens: This new hero will be an exclusive addition, ONLY mintable through Lazy dApp using $LAZY token. It's a limited and unique opportunity that will add a cool utility to our token! (*some cap on minting per account could apply).

4️⃣ Enhanced Traits & More Variations: We're not only upgrading the artwork; we're enhancing ALL traits and introducing more variations. The rework will be done traits for traits, ensuring that our collection remains as special and unique as ever without throwing all the good things you liked in the original characters. 🪄

5️⃣ Better Lore Alignment: assets will be redone to ensure a better lore alignment.

What does that mean for holders of Gen 2?

That means holders will be able to request to swap their Gen 2 for a revamped upgraded NFT by Ordinary_Guy, incredible skilled artist.

'Gen 2.5' should be seen as Gen 2 but with the Art upgrade. On the utility, plans remain unchanged.


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