☠️Token Graveyard

Interaction script to use the token graveyard. Works in MAIN & TEST environments to help unclog your wallet of failed mints where you can't grab the supply key.


There is a nominal cost to associate a new token (default: 5 hbar + association fee & you can check the live cost with the -cost option) of course if feeling generous you can override the payment to be higher with -pay option. You can of course deploy your own copy given the repo is freely available however it may cost you more to do that :D

Once associated you can send tokens to 0.0.1279390 [mainnet] or 0.0.48287676 [testnet] and they will be locked away forever.


Edit your .env file (rename .env.example to .env) with the following items:


We recommend to remove the private key from the .env file after use. Extra precaution.

In your Node.js command prompt terminal, you can use

node tokenGraveyard.js [-associate 0.0.XXX | -cost] [-pmt Z]


-associate 0.0.XXX - optional - to specify the token to associate for the graveyard

-cost - optional - query the minimum cost of the service

-pay Z - optional - override the default payment for usage

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