Scripts overview

An overview of the scripts.

Get Token Info: Get Token Info Used to get basic information about a token [and can pull metadata]

Check Ownership: Check Ownership Used to query ownership of tokens and produce audit snapshots.

Associate / Dissociate Tokens: Allows multiple association / disassociation of tokens in a single transaction form the command line

Create Fungible Token: Used to create a new Fungible Token.

Mint Additional Fungible Tokens: Used to add supply to an existing Fungible Token.

Burn Fungible Tokens: Used to burn supply from an existing Fungible Token.

Create Non-Fungible Token: Used to create a new Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

Burn Non-Fungible Tokens: Used to burn NFTs.

Freeze Non-Fungible Tokens: Used to freeze NFT and so, create soulbound tokens

NFT Transfer between two owned accounts: Used to easily transfer all NFTs between two accounts you own.

Update Private Key: Used to update your private key.

Track Hedera NFTs: Track ALL Hedera NFTs.

Token Graveyard: Interaction script to use a Token Graveyard Smartcontract (when the Burn is not possible but needed)

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