Check Ownership

Used to query ownership of tokens and produce audit snapshots.


In your Node.js command prompt terminal, you can use

node checkOwnership.mjs [-w [-zero]] [-t [-s ] -ex ] [-r] [-audit] [-auditserials [-hodel [-epoch XXX]]] [-v] [-version]


-t for Token id, for example -t 0.0.123456. if not specified look for all tokens in given wallet

-v - optional - for verbose (debug)

-s for Serial, check wallets owning specified serials (comma seperated or - for range e.g. 2,5,10 or 1-10)

-w if not specified will look for all wallets on token

-zero only show zero balances for wallet specified

-ex 0.0.XXXX,0.0.YYYY to exclude wallets from display

-threshold minimum ownership [default: 1]

-r show token royalties associated

-audit a simple token ownership audit output - saves to file

-auditserials is a simple serials ownership audit output - saves to file

-hodl used with auditserials to get hodl data per serial

-epoch XXXX used with hodl to exclude anyoe buying post date/time

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